Workshop and Service

Our facility includes a bench workshop which has the capacity to service almost any heavy vehicle transmission and diff. The workshop facility includes a vast array of specialized tools and machines to provide a comprehensive service. Our machining and welding facility can perform repair work as required.

Our Mechanics and Machinists have had extensive training in servicing transmissions and diffs. They have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in remanufacturing transmissions and diffs to suit North American, European and Japanese trucks and buses. This enables us to confidently service any manual truck transmission or diff in the Australian market.

Sales and Service

Our sales staff are extensively knowledgeable and able to answer any enquiry regarding your driveline. The sales team is only too happy to provide quotations on any parts requirements you have. We also offer a free strip and quote service to remanufacture your transmission or diff.  Our network of suppliers from around the world allows us to gain access to virtually any part you need to get you back on the road.

We have Australia's most comprehensive range of parts in stock, in our Sydney warehouse to service your driveline needs.  Our sales team know how important your truck is to you and that you cannot afford to have your vehicle off the road. To help reduce your down time, if we receive your American transmission or diff by mid morning we offer a same day service on remanufacturing your unit. Or for an even quicker service we can spec one of our remanufactured exchange units to get you back on the road.
That's why Truck Transmissions KEEPS TRUCKS TRUCKING


Truck Transmissions gives a six month unlimited kilometre warranty on all of our re-manufactured transmissions and differentials.  Manufacturers warranties apply to any new parts sold.

Trading Terms

1.     Payment for all exchange units shall be cash on delivery only.

2.     Any deposit to be paid by customer shall be security for return of exchange unit by customer. Truck Transmissions Pty. Limited shall be entitled to deduct from the deposit any amounts necessary for repair or loss occasioned to exchange unit whilst same is in the car and control of the customer.

3.     Truck Transmissions Pty. Ltd hereby gives a warranty as to parts and workmanship limited to all reconditioned exchange units for a period of 6 months from the date of invoice. No other warranty other than those that apply by Statute shall be recognized in particular no warranty shall be given to second hand rebuilds.

4.     In the event of the customer claiming warranty in accordance with clause 3 above, the customer shall return all reconditioned units to Truck Transmissions Pty. Ltd before the warranty claim can be assessed and the assessment of all warranty claims is subject to proper return of the units.

5.     Truck Transmissions Pty. Ltd shall not be liable for any claims for demurrage or compensation for customer’s liabilities to third parties or any consequential loss whatsoever.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Payment                Cash on delivery or, for approved credit accounts only, settlement by the end of the month following delivery.

Price                       All prices are ex warehouse. Delivery, packaging, and insurance where applicable is an additional cost.

Liability                  The liability of the company for damage, loss, delay, or non-delivery arising from any cause ceases upon release of goods to authorized third party carriers or when goods leave our premises.

Claims                   Shortages against this invoice will only be considered if reported within 24 hours of receipt of goods. Visible damage or loss must be clearly noted on carrier’s delivery receipts. In the event of damage or loss, an immediate claim must be made on the appropriate carrier or insurance company.

Returns                  Goods must be checked for suitability prior to fitting or preparation. No claim will be considered for incorrect supply against order. Goods will only be considered for credit if they are returned in good condition in the original packaging where applicable. When the original invoice number and date of supply and reason for return are quoted:

a)     Goods returned for credit within seven days – full credit on goods only.

b)     Goods returned for credit after seven days and within thirty days. Invoice price less 10% handling charge.

c)     Goods returned after thirty days – no credit.

d)     Non-stock goods procured on your instruction ex interstate or overseas will not be accepted for return.

e)     Truck Transmissions Pty. Ltd is not liable for freight charges on goods returned for credit.

Retention of Title

Ownership and property of the goods delivered remains with Truck Transmissions Pty. Ltd until Truck Transmissions Pty. Ltd has received in full all monies owing by the customer. If payment is not made by the due date we shall, without prejudice to our other remedies, be entitled to retake possession of the goods and to recover the depreciation on resale plus cost of repossession from you for so long as ownership and property in the goods remains with Truck Transmissions Pty. Ltd. The customer will hold the goods as Bailee for Truck Transmissions Pty. Ltd and the proceeds of sales thereof in trust for Truck Transmissions Pty. Ltd and if payment for the goods is not made by a due date, Truck Transmissions Pty. Ltd has the right to enter premises to take possession of the goods.


Truck Transmissions will as part of this transaction collect data about the customer. Truck Transmissions may in its usual operations provide this data to a third party who will then be able to identify the customer.

Diff Ratio and Road Speed Calculator

A handy tool that calculates road speed for different diff ratios using the transmission final ratio, the tyre specifications and the RPM. Click to download: Diff Ratio and Road Speed Calculator.