In 1971 Don Smith (1939-2012) founded a family owned business called Truck Transmissions (TT) in Sydney. This company started as a wholesaler of truck parts and re-manufacturer of transmissions and diffs.  Don's son David entered the business in 1982. This appointment created a new drive for TT to become an industry leader.
During the 1990's the company changed its focus to concentrate on being a specialised re-manufacturer of truck transmissions and differentials. This new direction enabled the company to supply to the industry a complete range of gearing and associated parts to service transmissions and differentials. New transmissions and differentials, are also offered, and an extensive range is now available.
Don's second son Paul entered the business in 1995 and together they both strive to keep TT the premier business for servicing the driveline needs of the trucking industry.  The company now has Australia's most comprehensive range of re-manufactured transmissions, differentials and parts to service the driveline needs for small, medium and large trucks and buses.
Truck Transmissions acknowledges the excellent support of the dedicated staff members who over the years have given their service to develop TT into a successful Australian owned business.